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At Everdean Roofing, we prioritize the integrity and longevity of your commercial roof. Our comprehensive 8-point Commercial Roof Inspection focuses on all areas susceptible to water intrusion and potential concerns. With our detailed photo roof report, prepared by our in-house technical coordinator, you’ll receive a comprehensive assessment and recommendations for remediation, if necessary.


Commercial Roof Inspections: Ensuring a Robust Roofing System

As a fully licensed, insured, and bondable Commercial Roofing Contractor based in Florida, Everdean Roofing adheres to manufacturer specifications for all product installations. Our experienced Commercial Roofing experts employ the latest training, technology, and products to conduct our meticulous 8-Point Roof Inspection. Rest assured, no detail goes unnoticed, and all your concerns are addressed.

  1. Damage Assessment: Thoroughly inspect the entire roof area for any damage resulting from foreign objects or human activity, such as HVAC unit maintenance.
  2. Debris Evaluation: Identify and address any accumulated debris on the roof surface that could impede drainage or cause damage to the roof membrane.
  3. Drainage System Inspection: Verify the free flow of rainwater and snow melt by examining all roof drains, overflow drains, grates, and scupper drains.
  4. Weld Integrity Check: Inspect all membrane field seams, roof curbs, and roof penetrations to ensure the absence of voids and assess the integrity of the welds.
  5. Flashing Assessment: Thoroughly examine all sheet metal flashings and counter flashings at copings, gutters, collector boxes, and downspouts to confirm secure attachment and proper sealing.
  6. Access and Security Verification: Verify the operational status of the roof access scuttle, ladder, and locking mechanism. Additionally, inspect the placement and security of all flashings.
  7. HVAC Unit Evaluation: Confirm the installation and secure attachment of all HVAC unit access doors and covers.
  8. Detailed Report Submission: Provide a comprehensive written report to the building owner, accompanied by photos illustrating the current roof condition, any evidence of roof abuse, and potential issues that may lead to future roof problems.

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